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Message 7076 - Posted: 22 Dec 2006, 21:32:26 UTC

I am confused as to how to use the new Skins. Are they to replace the managers or used as an add on?

How do I use them? Very confused or very dense. Its quite evident that I do not understand the language used or how to incorporate it into my BOINC environment.
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Message 7078 - Posted: 22 Dec 2006, 21:55:17 UTC

You will be able to use them with any 5.7.x or higher version of BOINC (currently 5.8.0 is in alpha testing).

They are part of the Simple GUI that is being tested right now.

They won't affect how the "old" advanced view of BOINC looks, just the simple view.

I'm not sure on the time table for the release of 5.8.x as stable.

Kathryn :o)
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Message boards : Web interfaces : GUI Skins usage

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