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Message 92773 - Posted: 11 Sep 2019, 16:05:28 UTC

For about the past month, I have had errors getting 8.22 files to process correctly on Windows 10 version 1903, BOINC Manager v 7.14.2 (x64) with BOINC Tasks v 1.78. I had read that increasing the % of total disk space to 97% at most would fix the problem and it seemed to but the problem is back. Also, BOINC Manager says it's not connected to the server with BOINC Tasks running. Any ideas of how I can fix these issues?
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Message 92804 - Posted: 14 Sep 2019, 20:24:48 UTC

Windows 10 probably updated your driver to a version that does not include OpenCL support.
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Message boards : GPUs : 8.22 seti@home_v8 (opencl_nvidia_SoG) "Waiting to Run"

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