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Jesse Viviano

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Message 86107 - Posted: 5 May 2018, 19:21:47 UTC

Do not use Nvidia GeForce driver 397.31. It is known to crash from time to time, and when it does crash, it stays crashed until either the computer is rebooted, or the crashed Nvidia service(s) that are part of the driver are restarted. While the driver is crashed, results immediately error out with a compute error. This therefore causes BOINC clients to continue to generate loads of compute errors. Links to the hotfix driver version 397.55 that fix the bugs are found at An alternative is to downgrade to version 391.55.
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Profile FuzzyJohn

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Message 86123 - Posted: 8 May 2018, 4:45:20 UTC - in response to Message 86107.  

Thank you for the info. The BONK lockups were driving me nuts. NO errors but the GPU processing would lockup whenever GeForce Experience downloaded an update.
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