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ProfileMatthew Fricke

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Message 82721 - Posted: 6 Nov 2017, 22:48:05 UTC - in response to Message 82019.  

Wonderful project, keep up the good work.

I noticed an issue with High Sierra not being compatible. The screensaver causes the Mac to freeze and reboot.

Looks like it has been reported for the previous version here:
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Message 82733 - Posted: 7 Nov 2017, 9:25:00 UTC - in response to Message 82721.  

Looks like it has been reported for the previous version here:
All of BOINC 7.8 versions will have it, until the projects update their graphics applications. And that can take a while, depending on if they have someone who can do it.
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Message 83232 - Posted: 26 Nov 2017, 12:01:05 UTC


I have a similar problem with GDATA and wcgrid
Objet: wcgrid_mip1_gfx_7.11_windows_intelx86
Chemin: G:\ProgramData\BOINC\projects\
État: Virus supprimé
Virus: Gen:Variant.Ursu.20140 (Moteur A)

This means that GDATA has deleted the file ; I will check what happens in the future but I think I must tell GDATA not to check this directory.

The "A" engine, wich has detected the file as a virus, seems to be the Bitdefender engine (Gdata uses double scan).

It's the first time in many years that I have such a problem with wcgrid, boinc and gdata.

What is the best way to fix it : must I reinstall boinc or is it possible to fix only wcg ?

(And apologies for my bad english...)
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Message 84369 - Posted: 13 Jan 2018, 10:07:05 UTC - in response to Message 82019.  

And after install off new version i have had only GPU computation error all the time. so its a waste of time running BOINC
I usually run PC 24/7 but i am going to stop program from running because now its seems like waste of time and power
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Richard Haselgrove
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Message 84371 - Posted: 13 Jan 2018, 10:26:19 UTC

Many of us (myself included) are running version 7.8.3 with successful GPU outcomes. I'm sorry that v7.8.3 appears to coincide with GPU problems on your machine (and those of a very few other users), but unless you tell us exactly what the problem is, we can't address it.

Work is likely to start soon on version 7.10. Now would be an excellent time to tell us what needs doing so that any corrections can be incorporated.

In the meantime, v7.6.33 is available via the download all page, so that you can continue to contribute to scientific research.
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