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Message 34423 - Posted: 29 Aug 2010, 20:16:20 UTC

Hi, I have tried to use Docking@home for quite some time but end up detaching from the project since it never ends up with submitting any results. That was when I was using an imac.
I now am using windows 7 and re-attached myself to the project but noticed a few issues:

1. On the BOINC manager under tasks tab, although it is running, it does not provide a progress i.e. % complete.
2. ON the screen saver, there are 2 graphs with percentage of work. The graph does not populate with anything. Unlike with other projects i.e. Rosetta for example, the graph shows something.

How do I determine the program is running and will it ever show a percentage of work complete on both BOINC and graph?
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Message 34431 - Posted: 30 Aug 2010, 11:22:36 UTC

These are questions best posted on the Docking message boards.
Kathryn :o)
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