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Message 27125 - Posted: 7 Sep 2009, 3:21:18 UTC

After watching a documentary on ciphers earlier today, the topic of the zodiac killer came up. I thought to myself, the crimes took place in the 60s, and the culprit could still be alive... I wonder if anyone has attempted to break the remaining messages which are still unsolved, by means of distributed computing.

Is anyone aware of any distributed computing projects relating to this? Would this be a suitable project for BIONIC?

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Message 27303 - Posted: 11 Sep 2009, 22:58:22 UTC - in response to Message 27125.  

What's BIONIC?
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Message 27309 - Posted: 11 Sep 2009, 23:13:46 UTC - in response to Message 27303.  

Isn't that your fork? ;-)
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Chris Sutton

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Message 27316 - Posted: 12 Sep 2009, 11:46:20 UTC - in response to Message 27303.  

What's BIONIC?

It's BOINC with double vision. :D

(It has two eyes, you see.)
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Message 28367 - Posted: 29 Oct 2009, 0:18:16 UTC - in response to Message 27125.  

I have been wondering about using distributed networking to solve the zodiac ciphers for quite some time now. I have discussed it with a few people, but never got very far with it. I am currently involved with enigma@home as well as the original m4 project's software - and I fail to see why a similar approach could not be used in cracking the zodiac ciphers. Even if it were more like a networked version of zkdecrypto it would be better than nothing. Start with the 340 cipher and work our way through them. (or start with the 408 if you want to make sure the software works, as you'd have plaintext to compare the results to)
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Cruncher Pete

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Message 35637 - Posted: 7 Nov 2010, 8:42:25 UTC

I like to suggest that BOINC alpha test is not suited to be listed as a BOINC Project. The Message Boards relating to this project and the project has not been active for months or years. There has been no WU's provided to the general public for well over a year. As Volunteers, why are we subjected to waste our time day in day out to check if there is WU's available or not if there is no intention to open the project to the general public or in deed there is no explanation why it was stopped in the first place.. Surely, there is sufficient indoor testers to carry out testing without wasting our time. Time to close it and declare it Retired Project.

Mr Anderson, you should know better that this is not a good way of advertising BOINC. The cost of volunteering is not cheap, you should consider the consequences...
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