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Message 20854 - Posted: 17 Oct 2008, 16:28:06 UTC

In response to this thread http://boinc.berkeley.edu/dev/forum_thread.php?id=3230 I think we should take initiative in developing discussion topics for a future conference. I will try to outline the topics and subtopics in logical manner so we can be methodical in our discussions. Please share your thoughts on whether certain items are appropriate for this discussion or we have ignored important issues.

    1) Define BOINC Unification
  • BOINC Unification is
  • BOINC Unification is not
    2) Promoting BOINC
  • Promoting the BOINC middleware
  • Promoting individual projects
  • Defining the audience
  • Defining promotional methods
  • Market research & interpreting results
    3) Public Policy
  • Define future goals in government policies towards BOINC
  • Tax incentives
  • Intellectual property discussions
  • Marketing technologies originating from BOINC & BOINC projects
    4) Finance
  • Tax Exempt Research Endowments
  • Startup grants for projects
  • Long term funding for BOINC Middleware development & maintenance

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Message 20873 - Posted: 18 Oct 2008, 7:26:09 UTC
Last modified: 18 Oct 2008, 7:41:27 UTC

Excellent list.

I have provided what my vision is for the unification and it covers my opinion on what is or is not and some of the things we should talk about. I look at my vision as just the beginnings to a discussion not what has to happen. It can be found here The Vision.
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