Release Notes for BOINC 7.6

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Version 7.6.6 of BOINC was released for general public use on 24 Aug 2015.

Previous version: release notes for version 7.4.

Changes in 7.6.6/7.6.7 (24 Aug 2014)

  • Improved advanced preferences dialog (more closely aligned with web based preferences)
  • Improved menu layout
  • Updated localizations
  • Able to deal with project files greater than 4GB

Known Issues

The following issues are already known to the developers:


BOINC 7.6 incompatible with Fedora: Due to a problem with incompatible wxWidget build options BOINC 7.0 will not work on Fedora 14 & 15.
This cannot be fixed, due to a difference in how wxWidgets is compiled between Fedora Core and Ubuntu. Ubuntu is the platform BOINC is built on.


Service Installation, GPU detection and Windows XP: Due to problems with up-to-date GPU drivers causing BOINC to crash or hang, it was decided that for all versions of Windows the GPU detection will no longer work when BOINC is installed as a service. This may change in a future version, but only after the GPU manufacturers have adjusted their driver code. So even in Windows 2000 and XP you can now no longer install BOINC as a service yet still have it detect your GPU(s) and run work on it. This change is present since 6.12.38

BOINC 7.6 incompatible with Domain Controllers: The present range of BOINC 7 is incompatible with Domain Controllers, meaning that you cannot install it on your system if it is a DC.

Install BOINC 5.10.45 instead, even though this doesn't support GPUs or multi-threading applications.

BOINC 5.10.45 32bit version
BOINC 5.10.45 64bit version

Error 1069: Service cannot be started because of a faulty login:

This happens after something has removed the "Logon as a Service" from the "boinc_master" user account that was created during setup.

Known reasons for why this might happen:

  • The administrator for your network has specified which accounts are allowed to "Logon as a Service" via Group Policy. Any account not on that list is stripped of that user right.

Macintosh OS X

BOINC ownership or properties are not set correctly: After you updated to Mavericks, you will need to reinstall BOINC to fix the permissions to groups and users. When you neglect to do so, you'll get the message BOINC ownership or permissions are not set properly; please reinstall BOINC. (Error Code - 1008), so just follow that advice and all will be well.