Summary of BOF on User issues including Credit


  • Client should abort a work unit that has already missed its deadline.


  • Granting credits should be uniform across projects.
  • Percentile approach to credits (i.e. top 10% more important than the actual number) is a possible way to normalize.

Richer Client:

  • Current client is rather barebone. It should be possible to add more features, such as chat, announcements, message boards, RSS feeds
  • Additional features should be plugins which would be tied (and downloadable from) specific projects.

Uniform connection projects:

  • Should be possible to connect to any project in a uniform way with a single click.
  • One interface to connect to a BOINC project and an account manager.

Auto update:

  • Auto update for clients should be supported, It may be in the form of an alert with instructions to update.
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