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Server code updates

The following is a list of recent changes to the server code (includes scheduler, daemons, PHP web pages, etc.). We encourage projects to periodically upgrade to the latest server code; there is a fairly constant stream of bug fixes and new features. There is a script that makes it fast and easy to upgrade.

date SVN change set DB update? description
6.Jun.2012 [25675] Add feature for specifying plan classes in an XML file
22.Feb.2012 [25321] Move antique file deletion to a separate program
30.Jan.2012 [25169] Remodel of "assigned job" mechanism
16.Sept.2011 [24225] Let validator flag job as "runtime outlier"; don't update statistics
20.Jul.2011 [23863] Change implementation of upload certificates to use standard XML
5.Jun.2011 [23636] Add homogeneous app version mechanism
30.Nov.2010 [22778] Server support for Virtualbox applications
9.Nov.2010 [22661] Add element to scheduler reply if we don't have apps for resource types
28.Oct.2010 [22601] Add <dont_send_jobs> config option
1.Oct.2010 [22440] Deal correctly with 32-bit apps that require > 2GB RAM
22.Aug.2010 [22282] Add <prefer_primary_platform> config option
7/12/10 [21896] Make high-priority server messages translatable (works with 6.11 client)
6/10/10 [21735] yes Remove some unused DB fields
6/1/10 [21674] Allow jobs-in-progress limits on per-app, per-processor etc. basis
4/21/10 [21230] yes Estimate reliability using # of consecutive valid results
4/5/10 [21093] For all back-end programs, -d 4 means show DB queries in log
3/9/10 [20816] yes New credit, runtime estimation systems
3/5/10 [20807] yes Improved implementation of locality scheduling
1/13/10 [20149] Client versions include release. Projects may need to update app_version.min_core_version, config options
12/20/09 [19997] Fix SQL injection vulnerability
9/25/09 [19162] Add plan classes for ATI GPU apps
9/15/09 [19053] Project-specified access control for admin web pages
9/3/09 [19002] yes Link jobs to the app version that computed them
8/19/09 [18868] Support jobs that use ATI GPUs, and that use fractional GPUs
7/29/09 [18764] All project-specific scheduling policies on a per-job level
5/20/09 [18182] Support read-only DB replica correctly
3/24/09 [17652] Compile translation files in upgrade and make_project
3/5/09 [17506] Support anonymous-platform coprocessor apps
3/2/09 [17430] Support a combination of locality and regular scheduling
2/13/09 various yes Add scheduler support for GPU apps; fix score-based scheduling; update web translation system; automated DB upgrade; web security fixes; improved log and client messages
9/7/08 [15982] Several security fixes in web code
7/2/08 [15543] Fix problem were clients with malformed global prefs get perpetual "Incomplete request" errors; fix bug that broke create_work
6/13/08 [15398] Handle quotes and slashes correctly in profiles and forums; fix bugs in team foundership transfer mechanism
6/5/08 [15363] Add support for missing optional files in validator/assimilator framework
6/4/08 [15357] yes Add support for adaptive replication
5/23/08 [15281] Add support for matchmaker scheduling
5/21/08 [15270] Don't send work if client has bad code sign key
5/15/08 [15232] Don't erroneously clear client's team name, venue, etc.
5/8/08 [15148] Divide scheduler debug messages into classes, individually selectable
5/6/08 [15137] Add "job size matching" feature (send large jobs to fast hosts)
3/7/08 [14875] yes Per-WU min bandwidth; improved messages for projects with user-selectable apps; other misc
3/4/08 [14842] Add super-easy mechanism for submitting single jobs
2/25/08 [14783] Add regexp-based mechanism for excluding particular CPUs or OSs
2/20/08 [14767] yes Add mechanism for assigning work to hosts, users, or teams
12/30/07 [14448] yes Add uniform/flexible notification mechanism; users can choose 1 email per event, daily digest email, or no email. REQUIRES ADDING NOTIFY.PHP AS A PERIODIC TASK IN CONFIG.XML
12/7/07 [14367] Add 'weak account key' mechanism
11/24/07 [14297] Config option to make team forums visible only to members
11/23/07 [14295] Fix bugs in import of BOINC-wide teams
11/23/07 [14294] Prevent UOTD from showing big image on front page. Use show_uotd().
11/20/07 [14275] Config option to require min avg credit to create or edit profile
11/20/07 [14272] yes Team search feature
11/17/07 [14240] HTML-escape text in BOINC-wide team export file
11/16/07 [14234] Add "team message board" feature
11/16/07 [14232] Don't show email addr to team founder if user has opted out
11/16/07 [14229] yes Add optional user job submission system
11/05/07 [14084] Add user search feature - link to this from home page
10/25/07 [13964] lines/page in top user/team/host lists is configurable
10/24/07 [13945] Add "merge computers by name" feature
10/23/07 [13938] Assimilator bug fix
10/19/07 [13917] yes Let moderators vote on banishment
10/04/07 [13774] Terminology changes in project web site
10/04/07 [13777] Fixed HR-related scheduler bug
10/01/07 [13732] yes New and improved "Find a team" function
09/28/07 [13712] scheduler: <max_wus_in_progress> option wasn't working
09/27/07 [13685] file upload handler: fix spurious "volume full" errors
09/26/07 [13673] yes Fix an annoyance using team foundership transfer
08/26/07 [13463] Preserve project specific preferences during web RPC
08/16/07 [13387] Improve client messages reporting insufficient disk/mem
08/15/07 [13322] Host merge fix (remove CPU capabilities string before attempting actual merge)
07/27/07 [13231] yes Let team founders view history of people joining/quitting team
07/26/07 [13223] Support for 'BOINC-wide teams'
07/20/07 [13201] update_versions: require that dir name == app name
07/19/07 [13193] Add 'suspend_if_no_recent_input' preference (let hosts power down)
07/18/07 [13182] Add 'mark all threads as read' feature (forums)
07/09/07 [13127] Improved feeder query; may fix DB performance problems
07/06/07 [13113] Major revisions to the homogeneous redundancy mechanism
07/05/07 [13104] Fix translation of top-users page
06/27/07 [13045] Relax restrictions on merging hosts
06/12/07 [12912] Add <no_darwin_6>, <no_amd_k6> options
06/06/07 [12834] Make list of supported platforms visible in get_project_config.php
06/04/07 [12813] yes Add a forum preference for private message notification
05/30/07 [12785] Add "merge hosts by name" function
05/27/07 [12754] yes Add Paypal-based donation system
05/24/07 [12743] Add mechanism to end project gracefully