Release Notes for BOINC 7.16


Changes in 7.16

  • If output file is missing on startup, flag task as error.
  • Let project specify directories in logical file names.
  • Fix security vulnerability involving logical file names.
  • Make "reread config files" work for ncpus.
  • Support fetch of files over GUI RPC; allow projects to supply their own web-based GUI.
  • FreeBSD: check for AVX
  • Support GUI RPCs as HTTP Post requests.
  • Register user consent to terms of use.
  • Enable "Other options" in simple view if no client connected.
  • Clear "vm_extensions_disabled" flag on startup.
  • Fix work fetch bug when max_concurrent used.
  • Unsuspend jobs before telling them to quit.
  • Sanity-check job runtime limits.
  • Fix overflow in OpenCL GPU FLOPS calculation.
  • Windows: show processor group info at startup
  • Fix stall if --skip_cpu_benchmarks
  • Fix crash in RSS feed fetch
  • Windows: fix GUI RPC password generation when running in a VM
  • Windows: make --dir work