Quake Catcher Network - Seismic Monitoring

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Quake Catcher Network - Seismic Monitoring
InstitutionA joint project between Stanford University and University of California at Riverside
Official Launch03-02-2008
Web Sitehttp://qcn.caltech.edu/sensor
Research, education, and outreach in seismology. This is a 'non-CPU' intensive project. The project was formerly known as "QCN Alpha" or "QCN Alpha Test" but is now an active 'live' project. An accelerometer is needed to run this project. Some computers have this built in (i.e. Apple Macbook laptops & IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad laptops). For others, a USB attachment is necessary. The aim of the project is to detect seismic events via attached (internal laptop or external USB) accelerometers; which are then reported to the system servers at Caltech.