List of projects by system requirements

This list is incomplete, you can help!

Projects may require additional system requirements due to form of processing and size of work units. The projects will not work if the minimal system requirements are not reached.

System requirements

Project Minimal CPU Recommended CPU Minimal RAM consumption Average RAM consumption Disk space Source 1.6 GHz 2.4 GHz 512 MB per core 768MB per core 1 GB [1]
Einstein@home 350 MHz 800 MHz 70 MB 256 MB 100 MB [2]
Rosetta@home 500 MHz 500 MHz 512 MB 512 MB 400 MB [3]
SETI@home 233 MHz 500 MHz 64 MB 256 MB 20 MB [4]
World Community Grid ? ? 128 MB 512 MB 1 GB [5]

Operating systems supported

Projects Windows Linux Mac OS X Solaris
    Windows Vista or later        x86    x86-64 PowerPC     x86     SPARC x86 Yes Yes Yes
Einstein@home Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rosetta@home Yes Yes Yes limited Yes No No
SETI@home Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
World Community Grid Yes Yes Yes Yes No No