Installing on Windows


Download the installer, then double-click the installer icon.

Install options

You can set install options by clicking the "Advanced" button on the configuration screen. The options are:

  • Program directory - where BOINC's program files will be stored.
  • Data directory - where BOINC's data files will be stored. This will be a hidden directory; its location is shown in the BOINC start up messages.
  • Use BOINC screensaver - Use the BOINC screensaver for the current user.
  • Service install - Run project applications under an unprivileged account. This provides increased protection against faulty applications, but it prevents BOINC from using your GPU, and it may cause graphics to not work with older applications.
  • Allow all users on this computer to control BOINC - If selected (public mode), all users can control BOINC (attach/detach projects, etc.). If not selected (private mode), the only users who can control BOINC are: the installing user, members of the Administrator group, and members of the 'boinc_users' group. When other users run the BOINC Manager, they'll be shown a dialog saying to contact the administrator to add them to the 'boinc_users' group.

Running BOINC invisibly

To run BOINC invisibly, choose the "Service install" option, then delete the BOINC shortcut from the Start/Programs/BOINC and Start/Programs/Startup menus (locate BOINC in each menu, right-click, select Delete). You can still run the BOINC Manager by going to C:\Program Files\BOINC and double-clicking on boincmgr.exe

Error recovery

If you get an error error 1714 - the old installation can't be removed when installing a new version of BOINC:

  • Reinstall the previous version.
  • Uninstall the previous version.
  • Install the new version again.

Uninstalling BOINC

Select Start/Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs. Select BOINC, then click Remove.