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Preferences override file

Preferences and host venue are maintained on a project server, edited via a web interface, and downloaded from the server. You can also set preferences locally (on a particular computer) in BOINC's Advanced View by clicking Advanced -> Preferences.

Local preferences are stored in a 'preferences override file'. This file is read by the core client after it reads the preferences from the server, and it overrides those preferences. You can modify the preferences override file directly (in a text editor) if you like (for example, if you do not have the BOINC Manager installed).

After editing the preferences file, go to the Advanced View in BOINC manager and click Advanced -> Read local prefs file to make your new preferences take effect. If you do not have BOINC manager installed, restart the client or do boinccmd --read_global_prefs_override from a command line to have your new preferences take effect.

The preferences override file is named `global_prefs_override.xml` and it is located in the BOINC data directory. Its structure is as follows: