Developed byUniversidad de Extremadura
Available LanguagesES, ??
Web Sitehttp://boinc.unex.es/extremadurathome/

Extremadura@home is an account manager provided by Universidad de Extremadura (University of Extremadura) in Extremadura, Spain. It assists users in creating and managing BOINC project accounts and helps with setting preferences, joining or creating teams, and connecting computers to projects.

Not all projects have full support for account managers yet.

How to use Extremadura@home

New BOINC Users

If you are new to BOINC, you can start BOINC by creating a Extremadura@home account. Just enter your information on the registration page and after activating the account you can start with selecting the projects you want to support. The account information you use for Extremadura@home will be used to create accounts for you at your chosen projects.

Follow the steps below to setup Extremadura@home

Existing BOINC Users

If you are already using BOINC, the projects where you already have an account will be imported into Extremadura@home when you create an account. These projects can now be managed from Extremadura@home (like setting preferences or resource shares).

You can attach your existing hosts to Extremadura@home using the instructions below

Setting up Extremadura@home

  1. Create a Extremadura@home account
  2. Login to Extremadurathome at http://boinc.unex.es/extremadurathome with your credentials (user name and password)
  3. Follow the steps listed on the site.