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I have been using Boinc for years, actually decades now. I started running Seti@home before Boinc even existed and when it was first created although I lost my login and account info and thus years of credits when I changed my e-mail address and interent company. Anyway, I've been back for decades now and graduated from just Seti@home to include Asteroids@home, Milkyway@home, etc. (I've also had other projects, now defunct, like Orbit@home).
I believe that there is other life in the universe, including intelligent life far advanced from ours. Despite being raised in an athiest and agnostic household, I believe in God based on my own personal experiences (although I am not a Christian, Jewish, Muslim or Buddhist, etc), and I have had an out of body experience (several), psychic experiences, premonitions, and one or two actual visions. I thus believe that there are other dimensions here along with our own, and I have experienced what I refer to as the 4th dimension during my out of body experience. It is populated with higher beings of which we are a part. We paricipate in this, our 3rd dimension, as though it is a play or television show (which is why we, as humans, love to create and immerse ourselves in books, movies, plays, music, etc.), from which we learn "life" lessons. This "force" goes everywhere in the universe.
I also belive that aliens have visited earth and still do. Too many credible people have experienced sightings and meetings with these aliens for it to be all made up by delusional or greedy individuals. Not only do I want to believe, but I believe.
Since I am convinced from my own experiences that other dimensions exist and from & with which we can interact and visit, and as I am convinced that other intelligent life exists in the universse which has figured out how to circumvent the speed of light constraints that are holding us back (or so we are told - but see Ben Rich, Lockheed), I want to assist in the search for evidence of this other life as well as to help with other mundane scientific searches, like for asteroids and mapping the Milky Way.
This is why I run Seti@home, MilkyWay@home and Asteroids@home.
As for my other life interests: I believe that we need to treat all animals and creatures with respect and not to abuse or hurt them; dogs, cats, lions, etc. have souls and feelings, just like we do. When we die and leave this physical existence on earth, we undergo a life review. We don't review what was done to us but how we treated others, including animals. I like to read, write, do puzzles, play the piano, travel, etc.
I travelled around the world, by myself, when I was 21 years old; I've lived in Sweden and Hong Kong. I've travelled through Russia, Mongolia and all over China. I've travelled throughout India, Nepal, Tibet and Thailand, Taiwan and South Korea. I've visited Central America, the Carribean and crossed the Sahara Desert in a truck full of camels and Tuaregs (it took 3 weeks from start to finish). The photo is of me and my then boyfriend, Marco, after arriving in Lahdak, Tibet, India in 1982. Marco is still a cherished friend and who has healing energy running through his fingertips.
We should put telescopes in the middle of the Sahara desert. It made me absolutely dizzy to look up at the stars at night in the middle of a lightless desert. I will never forget the sight.
When you see something as incredible as all the stars at night from the Sahara Desert, you know there is a God.
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