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I live in a Suburb of Sydney, in NSW Australia. I'm over 35 but under 60 years of age. Personally, I think Age is irrelevant in these types of Profiles, because of the possibilities of Predjudice (excuse the Spelling). Anyway, I have worked in various fields of Marketing most of my life, including Promotion, Wholesale and Retail Sales. I am currently involved in the Printing Industry. I have been interested in The Space Program since The Apollo Missions, but never really got involved in anything in a physical way. However, a few of years, I became seriously interested in, and started to Follow The Space Shuttle Program in a more serious way. I have made several Online Friends connected to this through Twitter and Facebook.
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I first became aware of S.E.T.I. Project within the past 5 or 8 years, but I can't recall the exact time. I was listening to a Talk back Show on the Radio, and from memory, I think there was someone involved with The S.E.T.I. Project as a Guest. I must admit though, that I didn't actually grasp what it was all about, or even recall hearing the Name of S.E.T.I. mentioned. The only thing I recall was that Citizens could get involved with some Project using, using their PCs to Search For Messages Coming From Outer Space. Although it took my Interest, and I thoght that it would be something I'd like to become involved in, I neglected to Follow It Through because I assumed that one would need pretty Hi Tech Computers. My PC at the time was over 10 Years old . . .
. . Fast Forward to October 2012 ..... I had recently watched The Movie CONTACT with Jodie Foster. Up until that time, the name of The Movie, CONTACT, had not really grabbed my interest, because I assumed that it woulf just be a Far Fetched Sci-Fi Fiction Movie similar to War of The Worlds or Star Wars ... How Wrong Was I.

BUT ... As soon as I heard The Character Ellie ask her father if The CB Radio would Reach Mars, and then afterwards say .. I Think We Need A Bigger Telescope .. Then when it showed Jodie Foster, as Ellie, now a Young Woman, standing below ARECIBO, I just KNEW that this STORY must be about Searching For Extra Terrestrial Messages. It was when I heard the name S.E.T.I. mentioned, that I knew for sure that THIS must be what I had heard about on the Radio all those years ago.
Over those past 5-8 Years, I have often wished I had taken more notice of that Radio Broadcast. The problem was, I had No Idea where to look or what I was looking for, to find any information about it so I could become involved. As I said, when Ellie started working at ARECIBO, I knew that This Was It ..... I HAD TO BECOME INVOLVED. Later that night, after watching CONTACT, I went Online and looked up S.E.T.I. and Signed Up at once. That was on the 21st October, 2012. A few days later, I began to ADD Other Projects. Currently, I have 5 Projects on My Desktop, excluding orbit@home which is apparently Inactive, because I have never received any Work from it. I also Run seti@home on its own on My HP Notebook Laptop.
I fully Support The BOINC Program and The Projects associated with it. My Favorites are SET@HOME, EINSTEIN@HOME, and COSMOLOGY@HOME.

By the way ..... YES, I DO Believe That We Are Not Alone. And I DO Belive, that at Sometime, Somewhere, in The Future, We WILL MAKE CONTACT ..... In fact, I also believe, that We May have Already made Contact, and that The Reply has possibly not Reached Us Yet. As a matter of fact, there is already evidence, that this has happened, it's just that nobody is Really Ready To Accept It.
I mentioed above that I Signed Up with seti@home on October 2st, and Added other Projects a few days later. The reason that I have only been a member on BOINC since December 12th, is that when I Installed BOINC on The 21st October, I did so through the seti@home Home Page, so therefore din't actually Set Up a Separate BOINC ACCOUNT. I thought that when I had Signed Up with SETI and Installed BOINC, that the Account with BOINC would have been automatic. I Now Understand why I had to Set Up Separate Accounts For Each Project, even though I have Set Them Up using The same Predentials as my SETI Account.
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