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Proceedings of the 2019 BOINC Workshop

The 2019 BOINC Workshop was held in Chicago, IL, USA on July 9th - 12th, 2019. More details about the workshop can be found at


BOINC Community

  • State of the Community (Kevin Reed, BOINC PMC Chair, IBM World Community Grid) (Download presentation)
  • Report from the Contributors meetings (Keith Uplinger, IBM World Community Grid) (Download presentation)

BOINC Project Updates

  • (David Wallom, (Download presentation)
  • Einstein@Home (Shawn Kwang, Einstein@Home) (Download presentation)
  • LHC@Home (Germano Massullo, CERN) (Download presentation)
  • Seti@Home (Erik Korpela, University of California Berkeley) (Download presentation)
  • nanoHub@Home (Steven Clarke, Purdue University) (Download presentation)
  • World Community Grid (Juan Hindo, IBM World Community Grid) (Download presentation)

BOINC Volunteers

  • Leveraging the power of NUCs, Next Units of Computing, and Compute Sticks for Science (Angelo Koutsogiannis, Yummy & Yummy) (Download presentation)
  • Motivation Matters: Future Prospects from an Enthusiast's Perspective (Patrick Schoefer, SETI.Germany) (Download presentation)

BOINC Software

  • Client update (Kevin Reed, IBM World Community Grid) (Download presentation)
  • Server update (Germano Massullo, CERN) (Download presentation)
  • BOINC UX: Concepts for a new users experience (Giuseppe Aceto) (Download presentation)
  • The heating effect and the power consumption of running BOINC on a desktop (Andy Bowery, University of Oxford) (Download presentation)

BOINC and Blockchain

  • Building an Economy Based on Science Leveraging Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Technology (Johnathan Starr) (Download presentation)
  • Gridcoin, Bitcoin & BOINC (Alex "loadedanvils" and Max Levin, Gridcoin) (Download presentation)
  • BOINC Planet Initiative (Jason Lee, BOINC Planet) (Download presentation)
  • the social supercomputer (John Heeter, (Download presentation)

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