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     1= The 3rd Pan-Galactic BOINC Workshop =
     3A workshop on BOINC will be held 5-6 September 2007 in Geneva, Switzerland. It is being hosted by the [ Geneva International Academic Network].  The organizers are Randall Harbour (GIAN), Francois Grey (CERN), Christian Pellegrini (Univ. of Geneva), and David Anderson (UCB).
     5The workshop follows the [ First] and [ Second] Pan-Galactic BOINC Workshops.
     7The objective of this workshop is to share information about BOINC and projects running on BOINC through short presentations and informal discussions, in a relaxed, open and friendly atmosphere. The workshop aims to stimulate new developments and activities related to BOINC, by allowing users to share their experience and requirements, giving developers the opportunity to outline their plans, and stimulating new collaborations between participants.
     9== Who should attend ==
     11Anyone who is actively involved with BOINC is encouraged to attend. This includes anyone operating a BOINC project, developing BOINC, deploying BOINC, or interested in expanding the usage of BOINC.
     13== Agenda (tentative) ==
     15 5 Sept 9:00-12:30: Project presentations::
     16Presentations by current and planned BOINC projects and deployment activities. Attendees are encouraged to give talks summarizing their project status, goals, and technical issues and requirements (20 minutes; a video projector will be available).
     18 5 Sept 14:00-17:30: Continuation of project presentations
     19 5 Sept 16:15-17:30:
     22 6 Sept 9:00-12:30: BOINC development overview::
     23Changes to the BOINC platform and project in the past year.
     25    * New usage models (distributed storage, workflow graphs, low-latency computation).
     26    * New hardware and software platforms (graphics processors, virtual machines).
     27    * New distribution models (WCG, GridRepublic, cluster and Grid systems, corporate Intranets).
     29 6 Sept. 14:00-17:30 BOINC and the world::
     31    * Attracting and retaining more volunteers
     32          o How to help volunteers choose projects
     33          o How to evolve the credit system
     34          o How to encourage flux
     35    * Attracting more scientists to use BOINC
     36          o How to simplify porting of applications to BOINC
     37          o How to document the scientific impact of BOINC
     38    * Using BOINC more efficiently
     39          o How to minimise power consumption
     40          o How to increase throughput and decrease latency for projects
     42== Registration ==
     44The workshop is free but attendance is limited. If you are interested in attending, or have any questions, please email David Anderson (davea at or any of the other organizers.
     46== Logistics ==
     48The workshop will take place in the Villa Rigot, next to the Place des Nations and near the main entrance to the Palais des Nations (the United Nations' European headquarters). It is located in the heart of Geneva, 15 minutes by foot from the lake and the main railway station, and half an hour by car from the airport. Geneva International Airport has a number of low-cost carrier links to major European cities (London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona), as well as some direct transatlantic flights.
     50A list of nearby hotels, and links to info on public transportation and restaurants, is [ here].