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     2== Retention, Publicity, Teams, Help Publicise BOINC. Discussion 2. ==
     4This discussion was along similar lines to the earlier discussion with a similar heading.
     6 * Retaining users is as important as recruitment of new users.
     7 * Gathering info about why users stop.
     8 * Skype contacts to help.
     9 * Research reasons why users leave projects.
     10 * Ask new users how things are going?
     11 * Tooting horn v Buzz Marketing.
     12 * Old news Results/New angles, making it hard to get in.
     13 * BOINC logos and slogan might help with publicity; “Do you BOINC?”
     14 * Possible selective marketing to top users.
     15 * More tools to publicise BOINC.
     17 * Frequent news posts, revise project pages for this.
     18 * Separate Technical news. Science news/ Project news.
     19 * Problems with sharing news. Update RSS feed.
     20 * Get better data and stats on retention. Analyse it, deduce best practice, and experiment with best approaches.
     21 * Get companies to join BOINC (Very challenging, security!).
     22 * Monthly BOINC newsletter, Default ticked to “Opt in”. Example ISGTW.
     23 * Do publicity, list as many ways as possible on one page with links to more detailed ways for each method.
     24 * New opportunities, Myspace, Facebook, Web buttons.
     25 * Enthusiastic users will help if they have easy access to lots of ideas.
     26 * Learn from other grid computing; Folding@home.