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Wiki To-do list

Please describe error and omissions in the BOINC documentation here.

  • PythonMysql had been converted from the original .txt. I recently "wikified" the page, since it was just plaintext copied verbatim. It probably needs some cleanup, and checking if the information on it is still correct.
  • Is volunteer.php already converted to wiki?
  • UpdateVersions mentions adding an <app_dir> tag to config.xml, but it's not listed in ProjectOptions (does the tag still exist?).
  • Where is the format of global_prefs.xml? I want to link it from ClientSim#input_sim_prefs. I see many pages with related info, I don't know which one is right or correct: PrefsImpl, GlobalPrefs? (doesn't show XML format), PrefsOverride, and bottom of ClientFiles.
  • PrefsOverride is out of date.
  • ManagerAdvanced? could have some new screenshots. Current ones show glitches on the rendering of menus. Also it's probably better to keep the screenshots as attachments to that page, instead of stored somewhere else on BOINC server, that way contributors can change them.