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Wiki To-do list

Please describe error and omissions in the BOINC documentation here.

  • PythonMysql had been converted from the original .txt. I recently "wikified" the page, since it was just plaintext copied verbatim. It probably needs some cleanup, and checking if the information on it is still correct.
  • Is volunteer.php already converted to wiki?
  • BackendState needs to be re-formatted using headings, instead of that messusing tables. (I'll probably do it myself; just adding it here so I don't forget. --Nicolas)
  • UpdateVersions mentions adding an <app_dir> tag to config.xml, but it's not listed in ProjectOptions (does the tag still exist?).
  • Where is the format of global_prefs.xml? I want to link it from ClientSim#input_sim_prefs. I see many pages with related info, I don't know which one is right or correct: PrefsImpl, GlobalPrefs? (doesn't show XML format), PrefsOverride, and bottom of ClientFiles.
  • PrefsOverride is out of date.