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Version history

Version 5.10

  • Manager
    • Project selection list in Attach Project wizard.
    • Advanced preferences dialog.
    • Grid-based views: column sorting, progress bars, line shading.
    • Ability to find browser cookies on some platforms; enables web-only attach.
    • Don't allow multiple connection-request dialogs.
  • Core client
    • Improved slot directory logic makes it impossible for two apps to run in same slot.
    • Reject directory-traversal and format conversion characters in filenames from projects.
    • Add security-related configuration options: suppress_net_info, disallow_attach, os_random_only.
    • Support new work_buf_additional_days preference.
    • Various changes to prevent buffer overruns.
    • Day-of-week preference enforcement.
    • Work correctly if core client starts up before DNS system is working.
    • Export scheduling info in GUI RPCs.
    • Upgrade to OpenSSL 0.9.8e and LibcURL 7.16.4
  • Windows
    • Work around Vista problems by running all components with administrative rights.
  • Mac
    • Correctly report RAM > 2 GB
    • If screensaver launched BOINC, don't stop running when energy saver puts display to sleep.
    • Improved user idle detection.
    • More robust installer.
  • Known issues
    • Windows: BOINC may not start on system startup if you're using Windows Defender. Workaround: install BOINC as a service, from an account with administrative access rights.
    • Linux: for portability, the BOINC Manager is built with GTK1, which doesn't support copy-and-paste on some systems, and which looks ugly.

Version 5.8

  • Snooze button.
  • CPU throttling.
  • Simple GUI; skinnability, local prefs dialog.
  • Preferences for limiting RAM usage.
  • Disk usage pie chart.
  • Support for advanced account manager features like host-specific resource share.

Version 5.8.16

  • CPU model string includes Family/Model/Stepping?.
  • Fix errors if detach project while file transfers active.
  • Limits on # of file transfers apply to uploads and downloads separately.
  • Add checkpoint_debug log flag.
  • Set processor affinity mask for benchmark threads (Windows).
  • Disable connection caching in Curl.
  • Add 'Detach when done' flag to projects (for clean detach, e.g. from account manager).
  • Delete all files when detach from project.
  • Fix bugs on Mac OS X 10.3 that could create bad users/groups.

Version 5.8.15

  • Mac: eliminate AppStats helper application.

Version 5.8.14

  • Win: installer fixes.

Version 5.8.13

  • Fix bug where tasks are erroneously restarted after abort.
  • Win: installer fixes.

Version 5.8.12

  • Win: installer fixes.

Version 5.6

  • New CPU scheduler and work fetch policy.
  • CPU capability detection.
  • Improved security for POSIX compliant systems (only implemented for the Mac).
  • Support for file compression on upload.

Version 5.4

  • BOINC now lets you use 'Account managers' - special web sites that let you browse BOINC projects, attach/detach, change resource share and settings, all with point-and-click simplicity. Account managers are also great if you have several computers - you just have to make changes once. A couple of excellent account managers are nearly ready for use; stay tuned to the BOINC web site for details.
  • Fixes a bug where a personal firewall prevents the BOINC screensaver from running, causing your computer to lock up.
  • General preferences can be overridden by a local file. More info.
  • BOINC now alerts you whenever it needs you to create a network connection.
  • SOCKS5 proxies are now supported.

Version 5.3

  • Customized clients can now be created.
  • Account manager support has been enhanced.
  • Farm manager support has been added.

Version 5.2

  • You attach to projects using your own email address and password. Long, random 'account keys' are no longer used.
  • BOINC checks for proxy configuration problems when you first attach to a project.
  • The file gui_rpc_auth.cfg contains a password that protects the BOINC client from control by other users on the same host. BOINC automatically generates a password if none is found. If you use tools like BOINCView you may need to look it up or change it. If you need to revert from 5.2.x to an earlier version, you must delete gui_rpc_auth.cfg from your BOINC directory.
  • Alert boxes now provide feedback when certain errors occur.
  • BOINC supports 'Account Management Systems' (to be announced).