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    1515  The validator will try this result again later.
    1616 * VAL_RESULT_SUSPICIOUS if an initial consistency check of the result indicates no error but that it should be compared with a second result to make sure contents are valid. In the meantime this result is marked as inconclusive and the validator will try this again later when a second result is ready. Only useful when using AdaptiveReplication.
     17 * VAL_RESULT_LONG_TERM_FAIL if the files returned indicate that the host has a long term problem with the app version used and it is very unlikely that it returns a valid result. The validator limits the max number of jobs for this app version and host to 1 in order to limit failed results when run with the ''--check_punitive'' option. '''Note''': The validator scans all results of a workunit each time it tries to validate a workunit and limits the host every time it encounters a result that returns VAL_RESULT_LONG_TERM_FAIL. In essence the validator doesn't mark results it already acted upon using this return value!
    1718 * Any other return value indicates a permanent error.
    1819  Example: an output file is missing, or has a syntax error.