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User job submission system

The Leiden Classical project has implemented a system allowing users to submit jobs, including uploading their own input files. Users are provided with an interface showing them the status of queued jobs, and allowing them to download result files. Thus, their project is a resource for education as well as research.

The code for this job-submission system is included in the BOINC source code distribution, in the html/queue directory, for use by projects that want to allow user job submission.


  • Carefully consider the security risks of using this code. Your application must handle arbitrary (possibly malicious) input files without doing anything unwanted. Use at your own risk.
  • The code is not installed by make_project or upgrade; you must install it manually.
  • You can restrict which applications user-submitted jobs can use, which users can submit jobs, and how many outstanding jobs each user may have.
  • Please read and understand the code thoroughly before using it. You may need to adapt the code to your own project.