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How to help translate BOINC

BOINC supports non-English translations of

  • The BOINC web site
  • The BOINC Manager
  • The generic (BOINC-supplied) part of project web sites
  • The project-specific parts of some project web sites

Translations are done by volunteers. If you're interested in helping:

If you want to add or modify a translation:

  • Create an account on the BTS site
  • Subscribe to the boinc_loc email list, which is for translation-related discussion and announcements.

Email boinc_loc if your language is not listed in the BOINC Translation Services.

Selected people have "coordinator" to each language.

  • If you want coordinator to a language, send email to boinc_loc requesting it.

If you have write access to a language, make sure to monitor the boinc_loc email list for notifications of when there are new strings to translate. You can do translations via the BTS site. If prefer, you can download the .po file and use an external program like poedit or Virtaal.

If you don't have write access to your language, you can still help by suggest translations on the BTS site. When you're done, send email to boinc_loc to notify the person with write access.