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    33= Setting up a BOINC server = #ServerIntro
    5 There are several ways to create a BOINC server:
     5== Hardware ==
     7For experimentation and debugging,
     8you can use almost any computer as a BOINC server.
     10Before deploying a project more widely,
     11make sure that your server has adequate performance, availability, and security.
     12Some factors:
     13 * Your Internet connection should have adequate performance and reliability.  Your server must have a static IP address.
     14 * Your server should have good CPU speed(dual Xeon or Opteron), at least 2 GB of RAM, and at least 40 GB of free disk space.  For a high-traffic project, use a machine with 8 GB of RAM or more, and 64-bit processors.
     15 * Do whatever you can to make it highly reliable (UPS power supply, RAID disk configuration, hot-swappable spares, temperature-controlled machine room, etc.).
     16 * Put it behind a firewall.
     17 * Make it secure; turn off any unneeded network services, especially those that use cleartext passwords.
     19More information is [MultiHost here].
     20== Software ==
     22There are several ways to deploy the BOINC server software:
    724 * The easiest (and recommended) way to set up a BOINC server is to use a [VirtualMachines virtual machine] that we've created for that purpose, with all the necessary software already installed.  You can run this virtual machine using the [ VMWare player] and any Intel-based computer (Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X).  If you take this approach, skip the rest of this page.
    1128 * You can use any Unix system as a BOINC server; we recommend using a recent Linux release. General instructions are given below, followed by a [#cookbook-debian40 a cookbook for setting up a BOINC server on a Debian 4.0 system].
    13 == General instructions == #general
     30== Installing the BOINC server on Unix == #general
    1431=== Groups and permissions === #permissions
    1532BOINC server programs run as two different users: