Remote access to output files

Web service interface

Output files of completed jobs can be downloaded using web services of several forms:


The variants are:

  • result_file: download the Nth output file of the given result.
  • batch_file: download all the output files of the given batch, as a zip archive.
  • workunit_file: download the Nth output file of the canonical instance of the given workunit.
  • workunit_files: download all the output files of the canonical instance of the given workunit, as a zip archive.

In each case, auth_str is the authenticator of the creator of the jobs involved.


  • These operations work only for jobs that are part of a batch.
  • This interface is secure in sense that only the creator of a job can download its output files.
  • In case of error, the resulting file will have the word "ERROR" at the beginning.

C++ interface

A C++ interface to the workunit_file variant is available in lib/remote_submit.cpp:

extern int get_output_file(
    const char* project_url,
    const char* authenticator,
    const char* job_name,
    int file_num,
    const char* dst_path

PHP interface

The following PHP interfaces are available in html/inc/

$req->project = "http://project.url";
$req->authenticator = "...";
$req->instance_name = "result name";
$req->file_num = 0;
$url = boinc_get_output_file($req);

$x = file_get_contents($url);   // read output file into memory

boinc_get_output_file() returns the URL from which the output file can be downloaded.

$req->project = "http://project.url";
$req->authenticator = "...";
$req->batch_id = 55;
$url = boinc_get_output_file($req);

boinc_get_output_files() returns a URL from which a zipped archive of all output files from the batch can be downloaded (only the outputs of "canonical" instances are included).

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