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     1= Project selection in the Manager =
     3Currently the Choose Project page in the Manager shows
     4an alphabetic list of project names.
     5Hovering over a project name brings up a balloon with the project description.
     7This UI is useful only for users who want to
     8run a specific project, and who know its name.
     9It's not useful, e.g., for users who want to volunteer
     10for environment-related projects.
     12Other specific problems:
     14 * Balloons don't wrap (on Win) and text is lost.
     15 * Funky balloon behavior: they persist even when move mouse.
     16 * Text is not translatable.
     17 * Info about project area, subarea, and institution is not shown,
     18   even though it's available to the manager
     20== Proposed redesign ==
     22 * The Choose Project page has left and right panes.
     23 * The left pane is a scrollable list of project names,
     24   grouped by area (Biomedicine, Environment, !Astronomy/Physics, etc.),
     25   alphabetic within area.
     26   Each area is preceded by a header row.
     27 * The right pane shows a description of a particular project, including
     28  * Area
     29  * Subarea
     30  * Institution
     31  * description (scrollable if needed)
     32  * link to project web site
     33  * whether project can use your multicore CPU or GPU
     34 * Hovering over a project name in left pane brings up its info in right pane
     35 * Everything is translatable (even, potentially, project names).
     37== Issues ==
     39 * Moving the mouse from left to right pane would be tricky.
     40   Maybe it's better to click on project name rather than hover.