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    169169[ <ps_exe>path</ps_exe> ]
    171  '''www_host'''::       Host name of web server
    172  '''sched_host'''::     Host name of scheduling server
    173  '''uldl_host'''::      Host name of upload/download server
    174  '''uldl_pid'''::       pid file of upload/download server (default: `/etc/httpd/run/`)
    175  '''ssh_exe'''::        path to `ssh` (default: `/usr/bin/ssh`)
    176  '''ps_exe'''::         path to `ps` (which supports "w" flag) (default: `/bin/ps`)
     171 '''www_host'''::       Host name of web server.
     172 '''sched_host'''::     Host name of scheduling server.
     173 '''uldl_host'''::      Host name of upload/download server.
     174 '''uldl_pid'''::       pid file of upload/download server (default: `/etc/httpd/run/`).
     175 '''ssh_exe'''::        path to `ssh` (default: `/usr/bin/ssh`).
     176 '''ps_exe'''::         path to `ps` (which supports "w" flag) (default: `/bin/ps`).
    207207   The minimum amount of credit to create or edit a profile.
    208208 '''team_forums_members_only'''::
    209    If set, team messages boards are visible only to team members.
     209   If set, team message boards are visible only to team members.
    210210 '''moderators_vote_to_ban'''::
    211211   If set, banishments require a majority vote among moderators.
    218218 '''disable_account_creation'''::
    219         If present, disallow account creation
     219        If present, disallow account creation.
    220220 '''min_passwd_length'''::
    221221        Minimum length of user passwords. Default is 6.
    249249        name of project's main host, as given by Python's `socket.hostname()`. Daemons and tasks run on this host by default.
    250250 '''db_name'''::
    251         Database name
     251        Database name.
    252252 '''db_host'''::
    253         Database host machine
     253        Database host machine.
    254254 '''db_user'''::
    255         Database user name
     255        Database user name.
    256256 '''db_passwd'''::
    257         Database password
     257        Database password.
    258258 '''shmem_key'''::
    259259        ID of scheduler shared memory. Must be unique on host.
    260260 '''download_url'''::
    261         URL of data server for download
     261        URL of data server for download.
    262262 '''download_dir'''::
    263         absolute path of download directory
     263        absolute path of download directory.
    264264 '''download_dir_alt'''::
    265         absolute path of old download directory (see [DirHierarchy upload/download directories])
     265        absolute path of old download directory (see [DirHierarchy upload/download directories]).
    266266 '''upload_url'''::
    267         URL of file upload handler
     267        URL of file upload handler.
    268268 '''uldl_dir_fanout'''::
    269         fan-out factor of upload and download directories (see [DirHierarchy Hierarchical upload/download directories])
     269        fan-out factor of upload and download directories (see [DirHierarchy Hierarchical upload/download directories]).
    270270 '''upload_dir'''::
    271         absolute path of upload directory
     271        absolute path of upload directory.
    272272 '''cgi_url::
    273         URL of scheduling server
     273        URL of scheduling server.
    274274 '''log_dir'''::
    275         absolute path of logfile directory
     275        absolute path of logfile directory.
    276276 '''sched_lockfile_dir'''::
    277277        Enables scheduler locking (recommended) and specifies directory where scheduler lockfiles are stored. Must be writable to the Apache user.