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    151151 (these should by computed automatically based on
    152152 actual behavior)
     154== Possible extension to use "Profiles" ==
     156Jacob proposed a setup that was akin to using profiles, including an "in-use" profile and an "active application" profile. Then, for each setting, BOINC would use the most-restrictive option across all of the active profiles. The full email is below:
     158From: Jacob Klein
     159To: BOINC Alpha
     160Subject: Advanced Settings Feature Requests - Profiles
     161Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2015 08:20:19 -0400
     163BOINC Devs:
     165I'd like to put in a request for a couple advanced settings features, based on real life scenarios that I encounter daily.
     1671) When the computer is in use, we should be able to have some new settings. We should be able to give a new "Use at most x% CPUs" setting (so, for instance, now that computer is in use, I only want to use 50% of my CPUs instead of 100%), and also a new settings for "Suspend main GPU only" (so, for instance, now that computer is in use, only do GPU computing on my non-main non-display GPUs, so only 2 of my 3 GPUs), and also a new setting for "Suspend non-CPU-intensive apps when in use." (so that maybe I can configure it to run non-CPU-intensive apps only when computer is in use).
     1692) When an "exclusive" application is running, we should be able to specify that we want a subset of some of the settings. For instance, we should be able to say "Okay, iRacing.exe is running, so ....  use no more than 50% of the CPUs, and use secondary GPUs only, and use no more than 30% memory, and allow non-CPU-intensive apps." And those should be tied to the exclusive application config in the UI, perhaps renamed to application-specific profiles.
     171In fact, it's almost like we're making "settings profiles" that are based on:
     172- Whether the device is in use
     173- Whether a given application is active
     174- Using the most-restrictive settings after processing all of the profiles