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The make_project script

The make_project script creates the server components of a BOINC project. To use it, set up a BOINC server. Then, for example, type:

make_project cplan

This creates a project with master URL http://HOSTNAME/cplan/ whose directory structure is rooted at $HOME/projects/cplan.

More specifically, make_project does the following:

  • Create the project directory and its subdirectories.
  • Create the project's encryption keys if necessary. NOTE: before making the project visible to the public, you must move the code-signing private key to a highly secure (preferably non-networked) host, and delete it from the server host.
  • Create and initialize the MySQL database
  • Copy source and executable files
  • Generate the project's configuration file.

The script gives further instructions, namely

  • It generates a template Apache config file that you can insert into /etc/apache/httpd.conf (path varies), or Include from that file.
  • It generates a crontab line to paste.

The command-line syntax is as follows:

make_project [options] project_name [ 'Project Long Name ' ]

Options are as follows (normally you don't need to include any of them):

directory options

--project_root Project root directory path. Default: $HOME/projects/PROJECT_NAME
--key_dir Where keys are stored. Default: PROJECT_ROOT/keys
--url_base Determines master URL Default: http://HOSTNAME/project_name/
--no_query Accept all directories without yes/no query
--delete_prev_inst Delete project-root first (from prev installation)

URL options

--html_user_url User URL. Default: URL_BASE/PROJECT/
--html_ops_url Admin URL. Default: URL_BASE/PROJECT_ops/
--cgi_url CGI URL. Default: URL_BASE/PROJECT_cgi/

database options

--db_host Database host. Default: none (this host)
--db_name Database name. Default: PROJECT
--db_user Database user. Default: current user
--db_passwd Database password. Default: None
--drop_db_first Drop database first (from prev installation)

debugging options

--verbose={0,1,2} default: 1
-v alias for --verbose=2
-h or --help Show options