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    2626  suggest new items in the boinc_dev email list.)'''
    2727 * Scan the [ BOINC bug database] for unresolved bugs or feature requests.
    28  * Scan the [//dev/ BOINC message boards] for ideas.
     28 * Scan the [//dev/forum_index.php BOINC message boards] for ideas.
    3030== Coordinating and submitting your work ==
    3333 * Look at the source code and think about how you would implement the task.
    34  * Read about the BOINC [wiki:SoftwareDevelopment software]
    35     and [wiki:DevProcess development process].
    36  * Communicate with the area owner,
     34 * Read about the BOINC [wiki:SoftwareDevelopment software] and [wiki:DevProcess development process].
     35 * Communicate with the developer community (via the [EmailLists boinc_dev email list] or github issues),
    3736   and reach agreement on exactly what you're going to do and how.
    3837   Don't start coding until you do this.
    40 Submit your work (as diffs or files) to the area owner,
    41 so that they can evaluate it and possibly check it in.
     39Submit your work as a pull request on github,
     40so that the developer community can evaluate it and possibly merge it.
    4342== Small and medium-size projects ==
    7271    List referrals on user page (show only those still active).
    7372    Add new referral table to DB.
    74  1. Use a WYSIWYG bbcode editor such as
    7674=== Applications ===
    135133 1. Add support for parallel applications:
    136134   try to schedule all the jobs in a batch more or less simultaneously.
    137    NOTE: being done by Volpex project from U. of Houston.
    138135 1. Implement a mechanism so that server software detects incompatible database format.
    139    (related to #715)
    140136 1. XML stats: add lat/long to user record?
     138=== Continuous Integration / Unit Testing ===
     140 1. Enhance (or rewrite) the automated integration testing of the server components (see existing: Features that need to be added:
     141  a. Test multiple project configurations (default versus GDPR enabled project) using a shared suite of tests and per configuration tests
     142  a. Tests and configurations should be stored in the main BOINC repository (easier to add new tests alongside new code)
     143  a. Needs to run on Travis CI Ubuntu image
     144 1. Integrate GTest Framework into main BOINC repository. Main difficulty is to merge the autoconf based build system with the cmake system gtest uses. See existing approaches in [ PR#2443], [ PR#2457], [ Branch cb_gtest_framework]
    142146== Major projects ==