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    9292== Discussion Topics ==
    94 * Why was the 'Launch BOINC on startup' option removed from the installer?
     94 * Why are we switching over to account-based sandboxing?
     96The main reason is security.  Currently if you install using a single user install then all of the BOINC components run as you.  This means there is a potential problem if a project has been setup just to snoop on a volunteer’s machine.  For instance, they could send back your Quicken or MS Money files after making it look like your computer did some work.  So to further protect a volunteer from potiential BOINC defects and/or malicious projects two low-privileged users will be created to run BOINC and BOINC based applications.
     98 * Why are we seperating the data and executable directories?
     100Again the main reason is security, but it also allows for people to move their data to a different location in case they buy a new hard drive or want to use a network drive.
     102 * Why was the 'Launch BOINC on startup' option removed from the installer?
    96104The 'Launch BOINC on startup' option actually started the BOINC Manager, so on systems where BOINC was being installed as a service it was being ignored. Most people do not understand the difference between BOINC and the BOINC Manager. Most people who install BOINC want it to run whenever they are not around.