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     1= Windows Installer Specification v6 =
     7== Introduction ==
     9BOINC version 6 for Windows is a big improvement in security. In order to take advantage of the increased security though, there needs to be some major changes to the installer.
     11== Goals ==
     13The goals of the installer for v6 are:
     15 * Account-based sandboxing
     16 * Separate the data files from the executable files
     17 * Simplify installer experience
     19== Account-based Sandboxing ==
     21BOINC will now utilize the Windows users’ and groups’ functionality to control specifically who can execute and manage BOINC.
     23Two user accounts will be created one for executing BOINC itself and one for executing the BOINC applications. Three local user groups will be created to handle to manage BOINC.
     25== Executable/Data Separation ==
     27Previous versions of BOINC on Windows stored the data files and executable files in the same directory structure which made managing permissions difficult.
     29The installer will now need to create a new directory that will serve as the data directory.  The installer will migrate data files to the new data directory if they exist.
     31== Simplify installer experience ==
     33=== Welcome Screen ===
     35Same as before.
     37=== License Screen ===
     39Same as before.
     41=== Configuration Screen ===
     44title: Installation options
     45subtitle: These are the current installation options
     47Program directory:  [...]
     48Data directory:  [...]
     50Use BOINC screensaver
     51Protected application execution
     52Allow all users on this computer to control BOINC
     55Click Next to use these options.
     56Click Advanced to customize options.
     57[Advanced] [Next]
     60Advanced goes to the advanced configuration page.
     61Next goes to the Confirmation screen.
     63=== Advanced Configuration ===
     66title: Customize installation options
     67subtitle: Customize how BOINC is installed on your computer
     69Program directory: [...] [Browse]
     70Data directory: [...] [Browse]
     72[ ] Use BOINC Screensaver
     73[X] Protected application execution.
     74    This provides increased protection against faulty project applications.
     75    However, it may cause screensaver graphics to not work with older applications.
     76[X] Allow all users on this computer to control BOINC
     80Checkboxes labeled as [X] are enabled by default, otherwise they are disabled.
     81If any values are present from previous install, use them.
     82The "Allow users" checkbox is disabled unless the "Protected" checkbox is set.
     84'Next' goes to 'Confirmation' screen.
     86=== Confirmation Screen ===
     88Same as before.
     90== Discussion Topics ==
     92* Why was the 'Launch BOINC on startup' option removed from the installer?
     94The 'Launch BOINC on startup' option actually started the BOINC Manager, so on systems where BOINC was being installed as a service it was being ignored. Most people do not understand the difference between BOINC and the BOINC Manager. Most people who install BOINC want it to run whenever they are not around.
     96To keep things simple we decided to remove the option and setup the system so that both BOINC and the BOINC Manager are started at system startup or logon, if the users want to change this behavior they can delete the BOINC Manager shortcut and/or change the service properties via the service control manager administrative tool.