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Application filtering

You can allow users to select which applications they will receive work for (by default, they may receive work for any application).

This information is stored in the project-specific preferences. Each 'allowed' application is represented by an element <app_id>N</app_id>, where N is the database ID of the application. If no <app_id> elements are present, the user may be sent work for any application.

The sample PHP file for project-specific preferences supports application selection, but it is commented out by default:

if (false) {
    $app_array = array(
        array(1, "Application one"),
        array(2, "Application two"),
} else {
    $app_array = null;

To enable it, change the 'false' to 'true', and add your own list of application IDs and names.

If you use application filtering, be aware that currently there is no easy way to cancel it: users who have non-empty app lists will continue to be filtered even if you remove app filtering from your PHP code. The only ways to fully undo app filtering are:

  • write a script to remove all <app_id> elements from the XML in the database
  • modify the scheduler so that it takes a configuration flag turning off app filtering.