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Android/BOINC development items

Ticket Summary Status Component Owner Reporter Priority
#1352 Properly render web content in BOINC Notices new Manager - Android Joachim Joachim Major
#1353 UI feature: statistics / achievements / sharable new Manager - Android Joachim Joachim Major
#1360 Stationary device mode: enable by default on stationary devices new Manager - Android Joachim Joachim Major
#1378 don't truncate email addr auto-fill in Android, and error-check the field new Manager - Android davea davea Major
#1343 Change Notice notification icon to make it recognizable new Manager - Android Joachim Joachim Minor
#1346 Add preference: buffer size new Manager - Android Joachim Joachim Minor
#1349 Make language a preference new Manager - Android Jitender Joachim Minor
#1354 Manual RPC new Manager - Android Joachim Joachim Minor

Some remaining development tasks. Please contact me (David Anderson) and post to boinc_dev if you want to help.

  • Under the hood
    • Optimize GUI RPC polling mechanism, i.e. poll data specific to a single Activity within its onResume - onPause lifecycle.
    • Feasability of GPU computation, e.g. LG Nexus 4's GPU Adreno320 supports openCL 1.2
    • x86 and MIPS CPU arch support
    • GoogleTV support, GoogleTV devices of 2nd generation will receive an update to Android JellyBean? and finally include NDK support.
  • Features
    • Add suspend/resume controls into Notification
    • Support attach to account manager (requires change in the way we handle preferences, i.e. no override settings)
    • Add SD card support in client (working Hugo Puhlmann)
      • move BOINC's projects/ directory to SD card an force move of binaries into slots (executable)
      • think about how to handle storage status and preferences of clients
    • Support for x86-based Android devices. This should not require code changes, but adaption of the build process for the boinc client and the dummy library.
    • Support "user active" detection by including it into status RPC.
    • Notices tab.
    • Allow higher resolution project icons and slideshow images
    • Investigate whether game-like achievements (shareable through social media?) are interesting
  • Localization - Translation


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