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Administrative tasks

Client release management


Track VirtualBox versions

Track VirtualBox releases, and decide which one we should recommend and include in the client installers. It needs to work with our Vbox wrapper. Occasionally Vbox changes the API and we need to change the wrapper accordingly. Make sure you get good cross-platform test coverage; use the Alpha testers for this.

If a Vbox release fixes significant bugs, consider doing a new release of the client software.

Testing client software

Operate and maintain the Alpha test system.

Maintrain wrappers

wrapper, vboxwrapper

Maintain Win binary libraries

Repo of Windows libraries

Maintain virtual machines

Server VM

Compatibility VM for Linux builds

Translation system

Server software management


BOINC server

  • Trac
  • Mediawiki
  • MySQL
  • Apache

I.e. how would we set up a new machine to serve as


  • Yearly: update the years in clientgui/DlgAbout.cpp, gl, and