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Building a Windows installer for the BOINC client

On the build machine:

Build solution (Release/debug, 32/64 bit)

Make sure you have current dependent libraries.

Set up boinc_codesign directory (peer of boinc/): copy boinc.pfx and android_keystore (get these files from davea or Rom)

Copy customdict.txt and customenv.cmd to boinc_depends_xxx/developr/David (or whatever your username is). Edit customdict.txt to point to where boinc_codesign dir is, e.g. C:\Users\David\Documents\BOINC git\boinc_codesign

  • on Win command line:
    cd boinc/win_build/
    buildenv.cmd type release platform x64
    buildenv.cmd type release platform x86
    deploysymstore (enter boincadm password)(stores are on isaac in boinc/doc/symstore)

(updatesymstore and deploysymstore are scripts in depends directory)

In the Installshield VM:

  • open BOINC.ism
  • in Installation Design tab:
    • Product version: set
    • Product code: get new one (at right)
    • don't change Upgrade Code!
  • in Releases:
    • change filename
    • check box for WEBx86
    • Build / build batch
    • Same for BOINC_vbox.ism, etc.
  • installers end up in BOINC/WEBx86/Web/DiskImages/DISK1

Rom: need to do anything for Vbox versions? what determines the Vbox version?

Back on build machine:

  • put "customdict.txt" in boinc_depends_win_vs2010/developr/davea (??)

Updating VirtualBox in InstallShield?

You'll need to extract the various components from the VirtualBox installer via:

VirtualBox-4.3.20-96996-Win.exe --extract --path c:\temp\virtualbox43

Or whatever Vbox version you want.

Update the PRQ files using InstallShield?'s Prerequisite Editor.

Copy the extracted files and updated PRQ files to: C:\Program Files\InstallShield?\2011\SetupPrerequisites?