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Building the Mac client

The main instructions are here:

To notarize the installer and uninstaller

Create an app-specific password at

$ xcrun altool --notarize-app -t osx -f {path to} --primary-bundle-id edu.berkeley.boinc.Installer -u {userID} -p {password}

After a few minutes, check whether the notarize-app request succeeded:

$ xcrun altool --notarization-info {UUID from last step} -u {userID} -p {password}

If the notarize-app request succeeded, attach tickets to top level applications:

$ xcrun stapler staple {path to "...macOSX_x86_64/BOINC"}
$ xcrun stapler staple {path to "...macOSX_x86_64/extras/Uninstall"}

Delete or rename the original}

Run this ditto command again to create a new containing the updated (notarized) BOINC and Uninstall

$ ditto -ck --sequesterRsrc --keepParent boinc_x.y.z_macOSX_x86_64

replacing x.y.z with the current version number.

For more information:

$ xcrun altool --help
$ man stapler