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[SRBase] Extreme Sports Winter X Games challenge (01/27/2023 01:00 (UTC) - 01/29/2023 01:00 (UTC)

BOINC Games has published the sprint project, SRBase was choosen, unfortunately no one got an info at the right time. Nevertheless we have enough work. Preparing more later.

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[LHC@home] Server upgrade

The LHC@home BOINC servers have been upgraded to the latest server release, 1.4.2.

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[PrimeGrid] A Prime Chinese New Year Challenge starts January 22, 12:00 UTC

Welcome to 2023! And just days away, on Jan. 22, in the Lunar Chinese calendar: the year 4721. What do you know, a prime number! The first challenge of the 2023 PrimeGrid Challenge Series will be a 3-day challenge on the PPS-MEGA and GFN-17 MEGA applications, beginning 22 January 12:00 UTC and ending 25 January 12:00 UTC. To participate in the Challenge, please select only the Proth Mega Prime Search (LLR) and Generalized Fermat Prime Search n=17 projects in your PrimeGrid preferences section. Inquiries? Ideas? Impressions? Interjections? Inferences? Join the discussion at

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[WEP-M+2] 12-digit factor of P2203 has now been found by the project...

...395219 times

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[SIDock@home] Target # 22: corona_RdRp_v2

Dear participants,

After doing initial studies on an established SARS-CoV-2 target RNA dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp), we are departing from protease studies and focus on RdRp along with additional NSP targets. Namely, RdRp (NSP12), is responsible for the transcription of viral genes and ultimately replication of the viral genome. The studied active site binds RNA and was previously studied in the context of remdesivir, galidesivir, molnupiravir and several other small molecules. Further reading below:

Figure 1: RdRp in white color along with RNA chain and N4-hydroxycytidine from Molnupiravir in the active site (red stick model).

With best wishes,
Natalia, Marko, Črtomir, hoarfrost.

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[SIDock@home] СmDock "long" and "short" tasks applications

Dear participants!

We created new applications named as "CurieMarieDock 0.2.0 long tasks" and "CurieMarieDock 0.2.0 short tasks", both based on CmDock 0.2.0 release. Algorithm of both applications are identical, but for "short tasks" we created only ARM-version and we plan to generate a special, smaller in 5 times tasks that covers one of part of entire tasks set. We advice all owners of small single-board computers like Raspberry Pi, to switch to "short tasks" application.

In next 1 .. 2 days we continue to generate new tasks "Sprot_delta_v1" (extended run) for both application, but later we issue a sample tasks set for new target (# 22) and only for "long application" because all task of sample set will be large. Simultaneously, project will continue to send Sprot_delta_v1 tasks for "short" application. And then we will proceed to sent long and short tasks for appropriate applications.

Hope that this explanation makes situation is clear.

Thank you for participation and donation of CPU time!

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[] ACEMD updated app

As I said. We are currently compiling the Windows version. GDF

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[Yoyo@home] P67 found with ecm

Simone Bonzanini found a 67 digits prime factor for the Cuningham number 22222+1. This saves a lot of NFS effort. The found prime is the first for this years ECMNET record list of Paul Zimmermann.

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[RNA World] Best wishes for 2023

We hope you all managed to celebrate a nice christmas season. Happy new year!

Wir hoffen, dass ihr alle ein schönes Weihnachtsfest feiern konntet. Frohes neues Jahr!


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[] Request to volunteers to please enable: 'Leave non-GPU tasks in memory'

The OpenIFS model batches require the option 'Leave non-GPU in memory while suspended' to be enabled under boincmgr -> Disk&Memory. This will prevent the task from frequently restarting and reduce the risk of task failure.

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