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[World Community Grid] October Update: Africa Rainfall Project

The most recent estimated end for the Africa Rainfall Project is December 2022, supposing a constant pace like the current one.

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[] Job offer for PhD and Postdoctoral positions

We have two openings for a PhD and a postdoc. If you know anybody that could be interested, share it please. GDF

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[] Python Runtime (GPU, beta)

If anybody wants to help debug a new application, please enable the above mentioned app.

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[Gerasim@Home] Gerasim@home:

Дополнительная проверка wu_md5_sum прошла успешно. Ошибок при загрузке заданий на сервер нет. Выдача заданий разрешена.
Additional check wu_md5_sum succeeded. There are no errors when uploading tasks to the server.
Send task is enabled.

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[Gerasim@Home] Gerasim@home:

Hardware upgrade is almost complete.
1. Plus 32 GBytes 3600MHz RAM -> total:64 GBytes
2. AMD Ryzen 5 3500 -> AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
3. New cooler -> ID-COOLING SE-207-XT BLACK

Now, I'm testing new RAM. Estimated completion: today 15:00 MSK.
After that, the project will be ready to use.

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[MLC@Home] [TMIM Notes] Oct 23 2021 posted

MLC@Home has posted the Oct 23 2021 edition of its monthly "This Month In MLC@Home" newsletter!
A long overdue update including DS2 slowly working through its backlog, backend updates for maintainability that went a little awry, DS4 backend work, and DS3 analysis.

Read the update and join the discussion here.

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[MLC@Home] [TMIM Notes] Oct 23 2021

This Month in MLC@Home
Notes for Oct 23 2021
A monthly(-ish) summary of news and notes for MLC@Home

It's been a while since the last update! But there's been a lot going on. From DS2 slowly working through its backlog, to backend updates for maintainability that went a little awry, DS4 backend work, and DS3 analysis.

First, two weeks ago we had a mishap with the WU generation, and "continuation" WUs were sent with the wrong parameters leading to computation failures. It took us a few days to fix and clear up, but no data was lost. We've been updating and modernizing our backend scripts to consolidate them and make them less fragile (this is a good thing for maintainability!), and one of our updates went awry. Thank you for your patience while we worked it out. We've had a pretty good track record until now, so I hope you'll continue to support us in the future despite this setback. We're looking for new ways to test these further to avoid similar issues in the future.

The majority of the work over the past few months has been analyzing DS3 data. We've been updating the existing paper with the full DS3 analysis. It is disk, bandwidth, and memory intensive on our backend, and sadly isn't quite as easy to break up into WUs to distribute over BOINC. In fact, just tar/gzip-ing the entrie DS3 dataset (2.6TB) takes over 24 hours, since it's over 4 million small files. We will be making all of DS3 this available as a torrent soon. I've been posting updates on this on our Discord server if you're interested.

Since we've been focesed on DS3 and modernizing our backend/management scripts, DS4 has suffered. I wish I could say that DS4 WUs are flowing but they aren't yet. Everything is in place, we just need to start the tests.

Thanks again for your continued support, and know that while these updates have been coming slower, that doesn't mean work isn't being happening behind the scenes!

Other News

Project status snapshot:
(note these numbers are approximations)

Last month's TMIM Notes: Aug 6 2021

Thanks again to all our volunteers!

-- The MLC@Home Admins(s)
Discord invite:
Twitter: @MLCHome2

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[Yoyo@home] Project progress

An update for the progress on each sub project in yoyo@home:OGR-28is 89% completed ( It will finish around beginning of 2023 ( Siever & ECM I see currently no end in further demands for sieving and trial factorizations. There are many many math projects which have needs for sieving and factorizations. M-Queens We are currently in the 2. of 3 parts and have there 70% done. So in total we are at 56%. We started 2 years ago. So it might take another 2 years to finish it. yoyo

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[Gerasim@Home] Gerasim@home:

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[World Community Grid] October Update: OpenPandemics - COVID-19

As of this month, the research team has received approximately 165,000 packages of work units from World Community Grid.

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