Simulation 0

Scenario 117
Who Jacob Klein
When 11 Jun 2014
Existing jobs only: no
Round-robin only: no
scheduler EDF sim: no
Include empty projects: no
REC half-life: 864000.000000
Simulation duration: 86400.000000
Time step: 60.000000
wasted fraction 0.000000
Idle fraction 0.675171
Share violation 1.792773
Monotony 0.297466
RPCs per job 0.360000
Output files Summary
Log file
Graph of REC
Comments By Jacob Klein (11 Jun 2014):
Ahh... Forgot that POEM@Home can only run on GPU Device 0, which isn't idle. I guess this isn't really a bug. Just a bit strange, due to GPU Exclusions.

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