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In Jan 2006 Apple introduced Intel-based Macintoshes, which will eventually replace their PowerPC models. Intel Macs can run PowerPC executables in an emulation mode. There is also a 'universal binary' format containing separate PowerPC and Intel executables in one file; These programs can run on either type of hardware; the Macintosh OS automatically selects the appropriate executable for the computer.

BOINC will support Mac/Intel as follows:

Some Macintosh users will switch from a PowerPC to an Intel-based Mac, and will copy their filesystem from the old to the new machine. BOINC will handle this transition fairly seamlessly:

Thus, the only side-effect of the transition is that tasks that are in progress, or completed but not reported, will be lost.

Project instructions

To create the Mac/Intel database entry, add the following to your project.xml file

    <user_friendly_name>Mac OS X (Intel)</user_friendly_name>
and run xadd. Add new application versions using update_versions.
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