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This document describes what BOINC needs on MacOS X, the people who are working on it, and other info.


Mac users expect ease-of-use and a polished GUI. We cannot require them to use command-line interfaces, as BOINC currently does.

I propose that two separate versions of BOINC be released and maintained for MacOS X:

I recommend that the simple version remain simple. Only features essential to operation (e.g. proxy settings) should be added. Otherwise we'll duplicate effort.

In the future we will release new versions of the BOINC core client and manager an a fairly frequent basis. We (the BOINC group, possibly with outside help) need to be able to create new Mac installers easily whenever a new version is released. Also, I'd like all the resources needed to create these installers (code, project files) to be part of the BOINC source code distribution, and to be under the LGPL license.

Things we need to do

High-priority tasks (needed to release the simple version): Medium-priority tasks (needed to release an advanced version): Lower-priority tasks:


Bernd Machenschalk (bernd.machenschalk at
Bernd has helped a lot with Einstein@home.
Chris Alemany (chrisale at
Chris developed an installer for the core client only that runs it at boot time (login not needed). (Chris, what's the URL for this?)
Charlie Fenton (boinc at
Charlie is a veteran Mac programmer and knows a lot about OS X in general. He ported SETI@home Classic to the Mac (including the screensaver) and did a lot of work on the Windows and platform-indpendent code too.
Eric Myers (myers at
Eric is a physicist working on Einstein@home. He made an installer for the core client using Applescript that prompts for project URL/key at install time. See
Martin Patfield (developer at
Martin is the main developer of Deep Thought.
Rom Walton (rwalton at
Rom works full-time for BOINC. He's primarily a Windows developer, but has a 10.3 Mac and is learning the environment. He's the main developer of the BOINC manager.
David Anderson (davea at
I run BOINC and can do project management for Mac but not much else. I have a 10.3 machine and can build and test as needed.

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