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10:26 AM UTC, October 17 2015

1:52 AM UTC, February 08 2011

5:20 PM UTC, November 12 2010

Rohil responded to my query within 20 mins and his information was bang on. He also offered help with project problems which I had mentioned in passing and were not the subject of my original query.
9:22 PM UTC, May 17 2009

Rohil had no idea of my connexion problem whatever although he lists it a speciality.
5:51 PM UTC, January 17 2008

Rohil was extremely polite and knowledgable, but unfortunately, I think my problem lies with SETI@home or Windows Vista.
8:30 PM UTC, December 29 2007

Very helpful indeed - problem resolved in minutes!
7:10 PM UTC, December 29 2007

3:31 PM UTC, December 29 2007

2:47 PM UTC, December 28 2007

Brilliant =) Very friendly and helpful.
2:29 PM UTC, December 28 2007

Wonderfully responsive and very patient and knowledgable. A great resource!!!!
2:28 PM UTC, December 28 2007

helped a lot and solved my problem quickly.
4:19 PM UTC, December 27 2007

rohil methodically went down steps to resolve issue...highly recommend
9:00 AM UTC, December 21 2007

no answer
9:31 AM UTC, September 04 2007

5:22 PM UTC, September 03 2007

1:16 PM UTC, September 02 2007

Rohil, was available and responded immediatelly, he guided me to answer my question on how to set up BOINC to run as a screensaver only and we concluded that there was something wrong with my installation cause the option to run only after a few minuts on idle was not working, my BOING install was running all the time unless I pressed Snooze or pause it by hand. I will try to do a clean install and see if the problem goes away.
1:37 PM UTC, August 21 2007

He was very helpful. He solved my problem in only a few minutes. I would recommend him to anyone seeking help.
5:25 PM UTC, July 27 2007

Clear and direct answer. Also, explained things that I didn't found on the official documentation.
3:47 PM UTC, July 26 2007

Very helpful and knowledgable.
2:32 PM UTC, July 23 2007

Very helpful and patient
7:35 PM UTC, July 22 2007

Never help to me
8:00 PM UTC, July 21 2007

He solved my problem quickly.
8:00 PM UTC, June 20 2007

very helpful and kind. Thanks!
9:56 PM UTC, June 19 2007

just helpfull indeed - 10 out of 10
9:47 PM UTC, June 10 2007

He'll do anything to help you :) I think he might be good friend :D
3:58 PM UTC, June 07 2007

I was pretty good at hiding the real problem from him.
5:59 PM UTC, June 04 2007

A very helpful & friendly guy, and he answered my question quickly and informatively.Cheers rohil! Dave W.
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