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5:47 PM UTC, April 23 2015

Is this guy even around? I've been asking questions all day and have yet to get a response. Do I have to drop this project like I've dropped three other boinc projects. Don't let this be the 4th?
12:31 PM UTC, August 19 2014

8:52 PM UTC, August 06 2014

He addressed the issue quickly, found and effected the remedy
5:25 PM UTC, April 12 2014

6:43 PM UTC, October 19 2012

2:13 AM UTC, June 09 2008

4:50 AM UTC, November 09 2007

very friendly and helpfull. i'm new to this and he helped me twice and didn't make me feel like i was bothering him
11:10 PM UTC, November 08 2007

9:27 PM UTC, October 17 2007

The guy is just awesome. Really helped me to just to think and explore different solution options. Very positive and smart.
5:08 AM UTC, October 14 2007

Friendly, prompt and very nice to work with.
10:05 AM UTC, October 12 2007

WOW, He was amazing, Helpful, insightful, and really knows how to talk to ppl. I will deffenately be using him for all my Help and Seti related issues, Thanks Mike
10:26 AM UTC, October 10 2007

2:44 AM UTC, October 07 2007

Great guy, and good help. Thanks again Mike!
11:48 PM UTC, October 05 2007

3:55 AM UTC, October 05 2007

Mike was very helpful is helping me use the console to connect to multiple computers.
4:58 AM UTC, September 26 2007

5:25 AM UTC, September 24 2007

hes so great and helpful and knows his stuff
5:22 AM UTC, September 24 2007

Great help!!!
3:12 AM UTC, July 16 2007

12:17 PM UTC, April 06 2007

A very kind, patient guy. Definetly a star.
12:52 PM UTC, March 30 2007

I was having problems installing BOINC onto a Windows 2K3 'Enterprise Edition' Server machine. Had tried several ways to install BOINC; each time getting an error message. After explaining how I was attempting to install it, Mike immediately suggested a different method, and it worked perfectly the first time! I fully recommend Mike Harris to anyone seeking BOINC installation help. Thanks!
1:22 AM UTC, March 30 2007

5:18 AM UTC, March 28 2007

Mike goes the distance, he takes the time, he is good and very helpful.
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