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12:45 AM UTC, January 02 2011

Shamil, was very helpful and knowledgable and my problem was fixed in an exemplary manner
4:47 AM UTC, March 16 2010

I have used nunhucks assistance previously and have had excellent results.
6:56 AM UTC, December 09 2009

Very quick and effective help.
1:24 PM UTC, May 29 2008

7:50 PM UTC, April 24 2008

great helper!
3:23 PM UTC, May 30 2007

kind and helpful
6:51 PM UTC, April 27 2007

1:02 PM UTC, April 17 2007

very thank you!
6:37 AM UTC, April 17 2007

this page says he's online but skype says he is not!!!
5:09 PM UTC, April 12 2007

Extremely quick to answer, knew a lot about BOINC and projects, very helpful and polite.
8:44 PM UTC, April 08 2007

Easy Advice, explained how things work and what happens. Highly Recommend :D
6:54 PM UTC, February 18 2007

All I can say is that he is exactly what the other reviewers say.
6:55 PM UTC, February 17 2007

Yery prompt and helpful. Thanks nunhucks.
2:25 PM UTC, February 17 2007

This volunteer was very helpful in diagnosing and fixing the problem. He was also very quick to respond.
2:25 PM UTC, December 22 2006

Excellent helper and very polite. He knew a lot about the expermiment. Highly recommended
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