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9:45 PM UTC, April 25 2010

This is the 2nd time I have asked for help from Kai and as always, resolved my problems quickly and efficiently. A credit to BOINC and seti@home!
12:18 PM UTC, April 20 2010

I sent an e-mail and within 10 minutes got a response, I am astounded with the level of support from volunteers such as Kai and would highly recommend them. Kai even fixed a secondary problem that was nothing to do with BOINC, and probably saved me the cost of calling the tech desk. Thank you.
4:26 AM UTC, August 17 2009

short and sweet answer to my problem thnx
2:54 AM UTC, August 08 2009

grate help thnks
1:08 AM UTC, July 31 2009

8:17 PM UTC, July 30 2009

Thank you!
11:36 PM UTC, July 21 2009

8:31 AM UTC, July 12 2009

great help, thank you!
2:35 AM UTC, July 12 2009

Kai is very fast at responding and a pleasure to deal with. if you have problems, he is the man to speak to thx Kai
5:03 PM UTC, July 11 2009

3:39 PM UTC, July 10 2009

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