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2:22 PM UTC, March 13 2012

Not only did he diagnose and resolve my problem, he also sympathised with my predicament - citing similar occurrences afflicting other people. He spelt out the required action in easy to follow steps free from jargon and with a large helping of good humour. Selecting him to help me out was one of my better choices.
4:46 PM UTC, February 26 2011

Really helpful.
10:41 PM UTC, October 04 2010

Excellent service, knows what he's doing, pleasant to talk to. 5/5
3:17 PM UTC, September 05 2010

His name is Phil.
12:40 PM UTC, August 29 2010

Very Helpful
9:06 PM UTC, July 16 2010

Very polite and helpful person even though my answer was quite simple and obvious.
11:29 PM UTC, April 21 2010

very helpful
8:09 PM UTC, January 05 2010

6:15 PM UTC, September 03 2009

I am running an older PC and Fielding showed me where to get a tool to ID my exact processor and get a SW tool to use that info to optimize the math calculations to run faster. Thank you.
10:59 PM UTC, August 05 2009

Quick and concise to respond, when online.
10:08 PM UTC, July 27 2009

Fast, polite and effective
11:57 PM UTC, July 26 2009

Thanks you fixed it
9:13 PM UTC, July 22 2009

great guy. his brain runs an advanced english-voice decoding software even good enough to understand what I was talking about! :)
7:32 PM UTC, June 17 2009

11:48 PM UTC, June 02 2009

6:25 PM UTC, May 27 2009

Really speedy and friendly reply - exactly the answer I was after. A great help thanks a lot!
9:23 PM UTC, May 25 2009

Fast responses,very patient,willing to answer questions in a way that is easy for a novice to understand!!Thanks
11:13 PM UTC, May 18 2009

I could manage to get solve the issue.. but he was more than pleased to provide help. Online on Skype Chat. 10+ Thanks !
8:37 PM UTC, May 17 2009

Very prompt and very helpful. A pleasure communicating with him. littlecloud
6:57 PM UTC, May 16 2009

very nice
11:38 PM UTC, May 09 2009

A great help.
7:02 PM UTC, May 07 2009

Chose to contact Fielding as he was online. The reply to my email question was recieved in short time and did supply the information I required.
10:06 PM UTC, April 30 2009

knew exactly what i needed, problem solved in less than 2 minutes
5:49 PM UTC, April 21 2009

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